Alum Plant

Alum Plant

For decades, Aluminum Sulphate, popularly known as alum has been used as a raw material in water treatment industry. Easy availability and large molecular size makes it an excellent flocculent for treatment of both potable water and industrial waste water. Alum also finds use in a diversity of other areas including construction products, oil / fat processing and paper manufacturing. It has many trade names such as Ferric Alum and Non -Ferric Alum, "pearl alum", "pickle alum", "papermakers' alum" etc

Process Description
The raw material bauxite lumps are crushed to - 15 mm size in a Crusher and ground fine 90% passing through 100 mesh in a ball mill. The reactor is lead and Acid & heat resistant brick lined. The acid is diluted to 65-70% and bauxite powder is added slowly to neutralize the acid completely. As the reaction is over, the resultant solution is diluted to a fixed gravity with water and coagulant is added to precipitate the colloidal particles. The material is allowed to settle in settling tanks. The supernetant liquid is separated and evaporated with steam coils in evaporators. As the liquid achievers fixed gravity it is discharged in the moulds to make slabs. If the balls are to be manufactured, the spray technology is applied.

Some of the major components of Alum Plants are

  • Jaw Crusher
  • Elevators
  • Ball Mill
  • Hoppers
  • Tanks
  • Reactor
  • Settling Tank
  • Washing Pits
  • Evaporators
  • Steam Boiler or Thermal Fluid Boiler
  • Mould
  • Air Compressor
  • Pipelines
  • Silos

We offer complete Alum Production Plant for crystalline and liquid aluminum Sulphate. These plants can be custom engineered as per the demands of the clients. We also offer excellent technical support and after-sales services for the installed plants.


Ferric and non - ferric alum for paper and other Industries.
Capacity in tons / Day 10, 20, 50
Fuel Required HSD/ diesel. / Gas or Rice husk etc.
Raw Materials Required Bauxite , sulphuric acid (98.5%pure ) and spent acid 60% - 90% if available
Product Quality Standard Products Meet all standards like BIS India & others.
Technology Level State of art , trusted , proved & eco - friendly.
After Sales Services & Support Training of line and staff , spares & technical support.